#1 Wood & Metal Polish Service in Chennai by Rhythm Painters

It is best to do a metal primer and metal paint to protect the metal structures such as steel grills, gates, and steel roofing in Chennai.  This prevents rust and improves the aesthetic appeal of the metal structures.

Rhythm Painters are fully equipped and trained to provide the best metal and wood painting services in Chennai.

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Professional Wood & Metal Painting Service in Chennai

As the best wood and metal painters in Chennai, we understand the metal structures of your home/office very well.  

Since steel is widely used in the infrastructure, it is prone to damage such as rust, corrosion, and pigmentation caused due to environmental exposure.

Our experienced and well-informed painters understand this situation and provide various preventive paintings such as red oxide metal primer, yellow primer, epoxy metal coating, or enamel paint. 

Using suitable quality paints and enamels, we ensure that the decorative iron grills, metal doors, and windows remain attractive and sturdy for a long time to come.

wood and metal polish service in chennai

Vintage furniture, crafts, and artifacts all need specialized wood painting. Rhythm Painters take utmost care and give attention to the minute details of the objects.   Be its teak wood, mahogany, MDF, or any other decorative wooden piece,  we offer all types of painting and polish services to restore, modify and protect wooden furniture, doors, and windows.

Our professional painters will ensure a quality job and protect your artifacts by providing the best wood and metal painting service in Chennai.


Wood Aquadur Pu Painting

Easy Application

Child Safe

Low Voc And Odour

Quick Drying

₹45.00 Per SqFt

Melamine Wood Polish

Good Life Time

Good Gloss Retention



₹60.00 Per SqFt

Pu Polish

Superior Gloss Retention

Resists Cracking


Film Hardness

₹75.00 Per SqFt

pu palette Wood Polish

Over 115 Shades

Resists Cracking

Superior Resistance

Film Hardness

₹120.00 Per SqFt

Pu Emporio Wood Polish

Quick Drying

Clarity Of Image


Film Hardness

₹200.00 Per SqFt

Woodtech Polyester Wood Polish

High Gloss Retention

Truest Reflection

Zero Maintenance


₹400.00 Per SqFt

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