Warranty: Worry-Free Warranty From Rhythm Painters

Painting a house or a commercial building/office can be an expensive affair. Not only in terms of money, but also other things are involved, such as undertaking minor repairs, shifting, and so on. Given these circumstances, there will be a lot of apprehension before starting the painting job.

What if something goes wrong?


We at Rhythm Painters fully understand and share your concerns. That is the reason why we provide long-lasting and thorough jobs.  

However, in the unlikely event of you not being satisfied with our work,  we will rectify any errors or problems and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

This is effective for 24 months starting from the date mentioned in the contract and as per the limitations mentioned below. Rhythm Painters will undertake the repair of cracking, peeling or chipping paint that has been caused by poor workmanship.

For an Effective Warranty, Please Ensure

For an Effective Warranty, Please Ensure

Show proof of all payments made in full upon completion of the contract

To contact our customer service at our registered contact number and register your complaint

To allow the inspection of the property to find out the nature and extent of repairs needed

Rhythm Painters Will:

Perform all the covered repairs at no extra cost to you.

As described in the original contract, our team will do the covered repairs to surface preparation.

Covered repairs on specific areas where there is cracking, peeling, and chipping has occurred will be done.

Try to have an exact color match.  However, this cannot be assured as environmental conditions affect the color of paints over time.

What The Warranty Does NOT Cover:

Any work where in Rhythm Painters did not supply the paint materials.

Any work not done by the Rhythm Painters team or where a non-employee of Rhythm Painters has attempted the surface preparation.

Elimination and detection of water intrusion.

Any paint peeling due to moisture intrusion. Please note any paint, even when properly applied, will peel if the substrate is exposed to moisture, such as bare wood.

Any paint bubbling.

Any horizontal surface or any surface that collects moisture due to its structural design.   Such areas include but are not limited to decks, railings, stairs, porches, etc.

Natural finished or varnished wood surfaces.

The exact matching of existing colors or textures cannot be promised.  We cannot guarantee that the selected finish paint samples will exactly match the finish coating.

Conditions due to failure of the paint itself such as fading, chalking, flashing, lapping, and other issues.  Hence it is recommended to use lighter colors as they are bound to extend the life of the paint film and are more reflective of the sunlight.

For the presence of mildew, mold, or other environmental conditions

The appearance of cracks due to natural calamities such as earthquakes or ground movement.



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