Exterior Painting Service in Chennai

It is worth investing in a trusted Exterior painting service in Chennai as the job is done professionally. A painting job well done adds value to a home.

Rhythm Painters are the best Exterior painting contractor in chennai with efficient cost handling.

Get complete painting solutions and color consultancy for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Our trained experts will answer all your queries regarding wall color combinations, textures, etc.



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Best Exterior Painting Service in Chennai

As the best exterior painting contractor in Chennai, our painting process is very detailed. The process starts with high-pressure washing to remove all the dirt, dust particles, etc., from the wall. Then comes the step of applying primer and crack filling.  Finally, two coats of paint are applied to give a perfect finish.

Our professionalism and business transparency are the reason for our success today. We believe in detailed and itemized proposals as per your personalized requirements.

In short, we ensure the best painting experience by using durable and branded products, trained painters, and free unlimited color visualizations. All our projects are completed on time so that you can stick to your deadlines.

In these covid-19 times, all our painters are trained as per Government guidelines and strictly follow social distancing protocols. Timely vaccinations and regular temperature checks are done to ensure safety.

Best Exterior Painting Service in Chennai

Fresh Painting

exterior fresh painting

It can be challenging to keep the property (home/office) always looking great.  At the same time, maintaining the exterior is very important.  Painting is a quick and cost-effective method to give a new look to the exterior.  A fresh coat of paint can make the wall visually appealing.

Our paint professionals will get the job done without disrupting your regular routine.

By offering free consultations with our paint experts, you can pick the right color and get an estimate within your budget.


exterior repainting

Preparation and Planning are the two keys for a successful exterior repainting job.  We at Rhythm Painters only use the best quality and branded paints.  This means that you will need to paint fewer times over the coming years.  The colors are designed to last longer with the improved paint technology we use.

We assure you of good results and long-lasting protection using the best quality materials. 

Before repainting, we ensure that the surface is adequately prepared, removing all dust and dirt particles. Any flaking paint residue is also removed. Cracks are filled, and then only the repainting job is done. 

We are the painting experts.   The options are endless with regard to color combinations and may sound like a daunting task to choose. Our well-trained painters understand the nitty-gritty of the job and will ensure the exterior repainting job is well done.

If you plan to upgrade your paint finish or plan a change of colors, be sure to contact us at Rhythm Painters.

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