Nippon Paint Price in Chennai


Nippon Paints

Nippon Paints are considered the No. 1 paints in Asia.  Because no matter what type the wall is, Nippon paints colors the wall perfectly.  It offers a wide selection of colors to satisfy every taste and style.

Nippon paints are famous for mixing innovation and beauty. Their wide range of collections for both exteriors and interiors is very desirable.  The paints also cover a vast range of surfaces, from cement to metal to wood.

Nippon paints offer the complete painting contractor solution to your dream home or commercial offices and housing structures.

The painting process of Nippon paints involves a 100% dust-free process and has a transparent pricing policy.

nippon paint pricing

Nippon paints not only cater to the aesthetic needs of the home/office owner but also take into account the functional needs.  It offers a wide range of specialty products such as anti-bacterial and low-odor paint.

The most crucial feature of Nippon paint is that it focuses on green technology, which means that it is environmentally friendly and, at the same time is technologically advanced.

To describe more, most paints have dangerous compounds called VOCs( Volatile organic compounds) in them. These compounds give out gasses when evaporated, and this causes dizziness, eye irritation, and nausea.  

Long-term effects are heart, lung, or kidney damage and also cancer. Paints such as Nippon’s Odorless Air care paints are eco-friendly because they do not have VOCs.

So, Nippon Paint produces high-quality paints with an emphasis on being environmentally friendly.  Same time the proper emphasis is also given to service the painting needs of all clients.

Nippon Paint Features

The quality of the paints is very excellent and comes in compact packing.

While the emphasis is given to durability, at the same time, the pricing is very economical.

The paints and primers section has a lot of variety to offer and satisfies all painting needs.


Nippon Paint Price List

Nippon Breeze Price


Nippon Breeze Price

Nippon Breeze interior paint is an economy paint emulsion that provides a smooth finish.  It contains very low VOC and is odorless. 

It covers any strain/defects or spots on the wall surface efficiently by its excellent hiding feature.  It spreads evenly across the surface and does not emit any odor. This helps the owners to occupy the premises immediately after painting.

Nippon Breeze Interior Painting gives a luxurious look and a blemish-free finish to the walls. 

Nippon Vinilex Price


Nippon Vinilex Price

This premium water-based modified acrylic emulson paint is very suitable for interior walls,  ceilings, and hard/soft boards.

It is durable and washable, thereby providing good hiding and spreading qualities and a smooth matt finish.

It forms a strong film bonding with the substrate and bright, clean colors.  Like the others, this paint too does not emit harmful polluting gases and is environmentally friendly.

It provides blister-free, non-flaking wall paint for a long time to come.

Nippon Matex Gold Price


Nippon Matex Gold Price

A premium acrylic emulsion paint provides a smooth finish and gives a sheen to the interior walls.  It has excellent coverage, possesses good washability, and has a low VOC.

Compared with similar paints, Nippon Matex Gold covers more area  and spreads evenly across the wall’s surface.

The cost of the painting is low and is environment-friendly.

While the actual coverage is dependent on the substrate condition, surface porosity, and method of application, approximately 24.15 – 27.87 sq. mt per liter / 2 coats can be covered.

Nippon Spotless NXT Price


nippon Spotless NXT Price

Nippon Spotless interior paint is a specially formulated acrylic emulsion paint that can repel household stains such as tea, coffee hand-prints, etc. 

It comes with a unique ‘swan-back’ technology which makes it resistant to water-borne stains and makes them form beads. These beads guarantee that the stains do not stick to the wall and can be removed easily without damaging the paint.

The Spotless Interior paint is best suited for bedrooms, hallways, and dining rooms.

Nippon Satin Glo+ Price


Satin Glo+ Price

This paint specializes in bestowing a rich glossy satin-like sheen to decorate the interior walls.

It comes with excellent washability and stain resistance.  The anti-bacterial property protects against bacteria, and it contains ultra-low VOC.

As it does not emit any odor, the risk of nausea or irritation is eliminated, and the premises can be occupied immediately after painting.  This paint can safely be used for interior walls, ceilings, hard and soft boards.

Nippon Odour Less Aircare Price


Nippon Odour Less Aircare Price

This air purifying paint contains active carbon technology to convert formaldehyde into water vapor, thereby bringing clean, fresh air.

It has ultra-low VOC and no odor.  Moreover, it does not contain lead and mercury, thereby making it most ideal for eco-sensitive buildings.

It is anti-bacterial and has superior washability, and does not allow bacteria to breed and form colonies on the wall.

While the actual coverage is dependant on the wall condition, film thickness, and method of application, approximately 9.94 – 11.98sq, mt per liter/coat can be covered.

Nippon Paint Exterior Paint Price

Nippon Shogun Paint Price


Nippon Shogun Paint Price

Nippon Shogun paint is a specially formulated acrylic modified based emulsion paint for exteriors. It is specially formulated for less humid and dry weather.

Its superior ingredients ensure that the wall is protected from algae and fungal attacks, thereby keeping it spotless for a long time and giving the walls a luxurious and blemish-free finish.

While the actual coverage is dependant on the substrate condition, surface porosity, and method of application, approximately 4.65 – 5.57 sq. mt per liter/2 coats can be covered

Nippon Samurai Paint Price


nippon samurai exterior Price

This type of paint is a specially formulated water-based acrylic exterior emulsion paint.

It is suitable for dry and moderately humid climatic conditions.

It has anti-peel, anti-fungal, and anti-fading properties. It has more hiding properties when compared with other conventional exterior emulsion paints.

While the actual coverage is dependant on the substrate condition, approximately 4.65 – 5.57 sq. mt per liter / 2 coats can be covered.

Nippon Sumo Xtra Paint Price


Nippon Sumo Xtra Paint Price

Staying true to its name, this paint actively protects the exterior walls from cracks and fungus.  It is powered by the Active Guard Technology and offers a twin advantage for your walls.

The elastomeric properties of Crack Proof cover hairline cracks and prevent water ingress.

The advanced fungal protection avoids algae and fungus formation for about 7 Years.

The coverage is 4.6 – 5.6 sqm/L, and ideally, two coats are best with a drying time of 4-6 hours.

Nippon Durafresh Xpert Paint Price


Nippon Durafresh Xpert Paint Price

This type of paint is unique as it comes with heat ban technology.  Due to Silicone, this paint is ideal for tropical weather conditions.

The paint has a sheen finish that can last for about 7 years and comes with a stain guard feature. Like the other paints discussed above, this too is a high-performance exterior emulsion paint.

The coverage is 110-130 sq. feet per liter.

Nippon Weatherbond Paint Price


Nippon Weatherbond Paint Price

The weatherboard PRO is a pure acrylic exterior painting system guaranteeing high performance.  It offers exceptional protection against water, efflorescence, and extreme weather.

The Weatherbond PRO base paint is an elastomeric paint with fibers and hence offers protection from hairline cracks, dust pick up, and algal attacks.

As the name suggests, this paint comes with effective waterproofing and anti-carbonation properties.

While the actual coverage is dependant on the substrate condition, surface porosity, and method of application, approximately 5.11 -6.04 sq. mt per liter/2 coats can be covered

Note: All these paint prices differ from place to place. Its always advised to enquire at your local Nippon paints dealer.