Dulux Paints Price List

Dulux – the brand of paints that are famous for their finish, durability, and variety. Dulux paints have achieved the full five stars for these and have also ranked high for ease of application and overall satisfaction.

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5 Star




Dulux Paint

Dulux is a major player in the paints industry in India.   Over the years, it has expanded, grown, and undergone transformation.

Dulux paints offer several creative ideas to transform the home/office. For example, it has colors for creating imposing mural paint designs, home color tones for all seasons,  neoteric home color design schemes, and elusive wall paint color choices for a luxury feel.

The Dulux brand of Exterior paints has specially selected, pre-mixed colors to make the choices almost limitless. Their range of semi-transparent stain colors is curated to enhance and highlight the wood’s natural textures. 

Paints Price List

Dulux paints are the first choice for professional painting contractors in chennai, and do-it-yourself enthusiasts, from hospitals to schools to houses and commercial establishments. 

These paints deliver high-performance solutions and quality products along with unrivaled technical expertise to meet its clients’ current and future needs.

The wide range of Dulux paints provides visual delight and lasting care to all its surroundings.

Dulux paints are committed to Health, Safety, and Environment matters.

It’s Best For

Dulux paints are best for protecting homes/offices from outside damage. It also prevents the walls from getting stained, scratched from daily use.  These paints deter mold and mildew from occurring.

Feature 1

It’s the most recognizable brand among the paints, and it has the most extensive collection of colors.

Feature 2

Being of premium quality, it consistently lives to its reputation of total product performance.

Feature 3

The price range of Dulux paints is very vast to suit all pockets, and the surface area coverage is much more than other paints.

Dulux Interior & Exterior Paints Price

Dulux Promise Exterior Paint Price

Dulux Promise Interior Paint

Dulux Promise is a water-based acrylic emulsion paint with a unique anti-bacterial formula.

It has chromabrite technology to last brighter for a more extended period miraculously. 

Dulux Promise paint has anti-chalking, high opacity, and high coverage with a smooth finish.

3-4 coats with 2-3 hour intervals between coats are the best way to bring out the best from this paint.


Dulux Super Cover Interior Paint Price

Dulux Super Cover Interior Paint

This paint from Dulux is a smooth premium interior emulsion paint for walls and ceilings.

It provides a matt finish and comes with color guard technology for long-lasting colors.

The coverage is 11.2 – 13.0 sqm/L, and ideally, two coats are suggested with a drying time of 4-6 hours.

The paint inhibits the growth of certain bacteria on the painted surface and gives unmatched opacity and good coverage.


Dulux Super Clean Interior Paint

Dulux Super Clean Interior Paint

This is also a water-based emulsion paint but comes equipped with High Bind Technology. This helps the latex particles in color to bind very closely.

The Super Clean paint gives a mid-sheen finish and is highly washable, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial paint.

The coverage is 11-13 sqm/L

It comes with Silver Ion technology


Dulux Velvet Touch Interior Paint Price

Dulux Velvet Touch Interior Paint

It is a premium quality, highly durable, and washable emulsion paint with the best mid-sheen luxury, soft–to–touch finish.

Premium quality pigment paint guarantees the excellent depth of color and specially blended clays for effortless application.

The velvet touch glo comes in a range of Pearl, Diamond, and platinum variants. 


Dulux Weather Shield Max Paint

Dulux Weather Shield Max Paint

Staying true to its name, this paint actively protects the exterior walls from cracks and fungus.  It is powered by the Active Guard Technology and offers a twin advantage for your walls.

The elastomeric properties of Crack Proof cover hairline cracks and prevent water ingress.

The advanced fungal protection avoids algae and fungus formation for about 7 Years.

The coverage is 4.6 – 5.6 sqm/L, and ideally, two coats are best with a drying time of 4-6 hours.


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