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 Asian Paints  Interior & Exterior Painting  by Rhythm Painters 

Make your home/office wall painting an exciting and safe experience with Asian  Paints, which is used well by Rhythm Painters.

Get the one-stop painting solution from Asian Paints which is very well represented by Rhythm Painters services

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 Asian Paint 

The largest painting company in terms of extensive color combinations and wall paint, Asian Paints has exclusive interior, and exterior wall paints to suit your budget and style.

Since it is impossible to describe each and every color selection available with Asian paints,  we have described just the main and commonly used paint products of Asian Paints on this page. 

We at Rhythm Painters have tried to give maximum justice to the wide range of Asian paints by describing a few of them below.  

The selection has been made on the past record of customer preferences. 

Going through the selection mentioned below will give you a fair idea about the details of the paint product and help make your choice easier.

We at Rhythm Painters are fully equipped to provide a tailor-made solution using Asian Paints to beautify your home/office.

asian paints

It's Best For

Asian paints are best for Interior and Exterior Wall Painting.  The range of unique wall textures is sure to enthrall and mesmerize you.

Feature 1

Asian paints keep your home/office safe and germ-free as it kills 99% of bacteria.

Feature 2

Asian paints are famous for their best-in-class durability and will last for a long time to come.

Feature 3

Asian Paints are equipped with silver Ion Technology to give a luxurious and soft sheen finish.

Asian Interior Paints Types

Tractor Emulsion Paint

Tractor Emulsion

Tractor Emulsion Paint offers the perfect way to upgrade your paint from distempers without much cost difference.

Offering a finish of plastic paint covers 1.5 times more area than distemper paint, so less material is required.

It lasts longer than distemper and provides a superior finish.

Being a water-based interior acrylic paint, it provides double the water resistance compared to common distempers.

Royale Aspira Paint

Royale Aspira

Royal Aspira paint is the most advanced interior emulsion paint, crafted to give the highest sheen and smoothest finish to the walls.

It is the best in class durable and washable paint.

The Royal Aspira Paint uses innovative water beading technology and offers Teflon surface protection.

The Royal Aspira paint approximately covers 111-13o square meters per liter in 2 coats based on the surface condition.

Premium Emulsion Interior Pain

Premium Emulsion Interior Painting

Premium Emulsion paint is the best for bedrooms and living rooms as it is very high in quality and designed to give a rich and smooth finish.

The premium emulsion paint ensures the wall remains dust-free, and also the paint lasts for a long time.

It gives a rich and matt finish to the wall because of its super-acrylic quality.

It is 100% washable paint and comes with anti-fungal properties.

Royale Luxury Interior Paint

Royale Luxury Interior Painting

It is a high sheen washable wall paint and the only paint emulsion in India which comes with the Teflon Surface protector.

It has a stain-resistant finish and is washable and non-toxic, lead-free paint with low VOC, and odorless.

Royal Luxury paint is a water-based acrylic emulsion paint that gives a silky glowing appearance to the walls.

Royale Shyne Interior Paint

Royale Shyne Interior Painting

Royal Shyne Interior paint offers a high sheen and washable paint.  The stain-resistant finish last for a long time of at least 5-6 years

The Royal Shyne Emulsion paints cover approximately 270-230 square feet per liter in 1 coat

The antibacterial and anti-fungal shield Royale Shyne prevents fungal growth on walls and provides a unique antibacterial shield that eliminates 99% of bacteria.

Royal Matt Interior Paint

Royale Matt Interior Painting

As the name suggests, Royal Matt Interior paint gives the perfect matt finish to the walls.

It is the only washable matt paint emulsion with a Teflon surface protector to make it durable.

The Royal Matt Interior paint offers a unique antibacterial shield to prevent bacterial growth.

Approximately 140-160 square feet per liter can be covered.

Asian Exterior Paints Types

Apex Exterior Paint

Apex Exterior paint

The Apex Exterior Paint by Asian Paints is a smooth water-based, modified acrylic exterior wall finish with silicon additives.

It comes with improved anti-algal properties and has a 5-year performance warranty.

The Apex exterior paint can be considered a one-stop solution for exterior painting and offers weatherproofing, textures, and protection for the tiles.

Apex Ultima Protek Paint

Apex Ultima Protek paint

Bid farewell to dampness, algae, fungus, and cracks by using a superior exterior paint that is Apex Ultima Protek paint.

It is ultra-durable, high-tech exterior emulsion and nanotechnology-based paint.

Apex Ultima is a smooth water-based wall finish with silicon additives and so comes with a 5 Year warranty. 

Its dust-proof technology resists specks of dust from settling onto the walls.

Apex Ultima Exterior Paint

Apex Ultima Exterior

Apex Ultima exterior paint is a high-performance water-based paint with silicon additives.

It kills the growth of algae and fungus and retains the beauty of the walls, and is suitable for all types of environmental conditions.

Its DPUR ( Dirt Pick Up Resistance) property fights dust from settling on the walls.

It has the ultimate crack bridging system with effective waterproofing for the exterior walls.

Ace Emulsion Paint

Royale Luxury Interior Painting

The Ace Emulsion paint is best suited for dry to moderately humid climate conditions.

It is resistant to cracking, chalking, and weathering when compared with cement paints.

It saves time, effort, and money during application and comes with unique water-resistant technology.

It covers 5-6 square meters in 1 liter of paint for a minimum of 2 coats.




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